Flannery Correspondence

February 12, 2010

Brian Flannery, Nine Months Later (bolded for skimming)

I am born!  Nine months after quitting the normal, stable, steady, secure job, I emerge into another 9 to 5 job.  Yes, nine months of incubating alternative employment and we are ready for some income.

In this reincarnation, I return to my soul’s mother (alma mater), the Colorado School of Mines.  The Physics department has some research work about microchips.  My title will be “research faculty” when I start.  They have lost my paperwork somewhere between, “you’re hired” and “you may begin working.”

I graduated CSM in May of 2003 by the hair of my chinny chin chin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences.  I had earned enough credits for a master’s degree but not the right credits in the right order.  Focus has always been a problem for me.  I was on track for a double major with Electrical Engineering.  At the last minute, three classes away from the double, I graduated instead.  I couldn’t resist the escape.  I was losing steam.

It’s good to be back in Golden.  I always loved the old buildings and natural majesty of this small campus.  After six years in Aurora I had forgotten how much I loved the foothills.

Now I get to make science happen, conducting experiments and measuring results.

Christa and I began our experiment with some money in savings.  We intended to try a few business endeavors and jump back into a J-O-B after three months.  Three times that schedule, we learned a lot.

We have more to learn.  We have not given up on the business ideas:

  • A custom printing company that focuses on creating legacy-quality heirlooms.
  • A photography partnership.  Christa still works a weekend or two every month.
  • Several friends with businesses and potential businesses who are trying the same experiment.

We intend to keep learning from our adventures and incorporating the lessons into how we operate.  Like a laboratory, we are trying different hypotheses, recording what works or not, improving the process.  I thought “the process” was a list of rules in an ugly company binder that no one really cared about or followed.  Skip a few tax deadlines and pay the penalties or promise someone their order will be ready and fail to deliver — then you learn how valuable it is to have a process you can follow that grows and learns with you.

The family survived the experiment.  We even acquired a baby.  The money is tight, like it should be, encouraging thrift and industry.

Pray for Christa.  She had grown used to me being home.  Now I’m 50 minutes away.  I can’t just watch the kids for a minute while she runs an errand.  I come home and she’s sitting on the couch going, “bub, bub, bub, bub….”

More soon,
-Brian the newborn

PS.  The original six month update: https://flannco.wordpress.com/2009/11/17/brian-flannery-six-months-later/

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