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May 1, 2010

Practicing What We Preach

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December 4, 2009

by Christa Flannery

When Brian and I finalized the adoptions of Ada and Tirza five months ago, I declared that I never wanted to go through the foster care roller coaster ever again. It was too hard to live (and love) with the fear that I was going to lose the girls. Over the past month or two God gave me a little perspective and reminded me of the lesson that I wrote about in the last MOPS newsletter.

All of our children (biological, foster, adopted or step) belong to God. We are called to love them while we have them and trust God with the “how long”. When I was writing “Stewardship and Foster Parenting” I felt very strongly that it was the message that God had for the women at MOPS. Turns out it was for me.

On November 24th Brian and I received a phone call. “Ada and Tirza’s biological mom is delivering a baby boy today. Would you be interested in taking him?” We were a little shocked. Brian and I had just decided to start trying to get pregnant again (and had even begun praying for a boy) but we had expected nine or ten months to prepare. God’s timing is not always ours.

Social Services dropped the newborn off at my grandma’s house just before Thanksgiving dinner. We call him Baby Jude.* Last week I was visiting with Karen, a friend who stopped by to meet the baby. I was grateful for her enthusiasm. Not everyone is thrilled about our newest addition, including some close friends. Shouldn’t Christians be the most excited about new life and taking care of orphans?

Karen told me, “That’s why I’m not a Christian and don’t go to church. So many people that say they believe in God are the biggest hypocrites.” It was a great opportunity for me. I apologized for the inconsistency of others. As for me, all I could say was that I want my actions to meet my words. I hope that Karen and everyone around me sees consistency in my life.

It is our lives, our day to day example, that can show others who is our God. Let us live consistently with the Word of God and what we speak to others. We don’t have to be perfect, just consistent (and ready to admit our imperfection). Christianity is not about perfection. It’s about repentance, humility, forgiveness and loving others.

As Brian and I begin the adoption adventure once again, we try to keep perspective. Jude, like our four girls, is not ours. He belongs to God. I am not perfect but I’m trying to practice what I preach. I want to love Jude like he will last forever and trust God with the “how long”. I wrote it; now watch me live it (and let me know if I fall short).

*Jude is temporarily in my parent’s custody because their foster care license is current. Ours lapsed when we adopted the girls and said, “Hands full; no more for now.” Please pray our hands grow and that Jude can be placed in our home as soon as possible.


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