Flannery Correspondence

September 11, 2010

Brian Flannery, age 8, writer, part 2

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From December 5, 1988, mysteriously out of date order:

Dear Journal

On Satrday I had some fun playing with some friend’s. And going to my getar lesone. then on Sunday I had a LOT of fun it was fantastick going to my friend’s house and him coming to my house.
Secret code

September 28, 1988:

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear thank’s mom thank you and I am Sory I cold not finish my leter to you

[In his mother’s handwriting:]

Dear Brian,

What happened to the end of your letter??  I had fun seeing your room, and fun seeing your room, and your desk, and your teacher.  I liked your dinosaur too.  Please have a great day today (Thursday September 29) because you know…

I love you! and I’m thinking about you!

Love, Mom

PS. I couldn’t believe how clean your desk was!  Dad should have seen that.

October 3, 1988:

Dear Journal,

Yesterday and the day before I had a fun time.  On saterday I had a fun time tacking my getar lesens. and on sunday I had fun going to cherch. w

[Teacher’s note:  Do “Your friend, Brian”]

Sorry [in response to teacher’s note?]

[Teacher: I think it is great that you are taking guitar lessons.  You will have to play for us sometime.]



  1. This is the most open journal ever, usually journaling is not so much of a group effort.

    Point of interest, 1988 was both the Australian bicentennial celebrated by hosting a world fair, and also the year I moved to the USA, I am stunned neither of this events made it to your journal, perhaps as yet unrevealed journal entries will reveal just how aware you actually were of this huge world events

    Comment by Andrew — September 11, 2010 @ 15:55

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