Flannery Correspondence

September 12, 2010

Brian Flannery, age 8, writer, part 3

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October 7, 1988

Dear Journal,

to marow and the day after I will Have fun partying.

Brian — prisebel [?]
Brian prisebel

October 11, 1988

Dear Journal

Saterday we whent to a army base. monday I whent to a freind’s house.
Yaaa! get realllllll!

October 17, 1988

Dear Journal,

If I had 3 wishes I’d wish for a book on making a club and a book on making codes. becas then we (the gange) will be abel to do things together. to have a band and a rock consert

[In the margin: tic-tac-toe with Elvon, both scored one win and ended in a draw]
Elvon was the first person to tell me about boobs

October 24, 1988

[On the back of the previous page, referring to this page:]

SALIDA colorado

no nin AWC 256

a story colorado ->

not licke

If I Saw Every one green I wold look for a cure. a story

[The page itself with the complete story:]

a story

one day I came home from school I took a littel nap when I woke up I sow that levery thing was green so I went to look for a antidote then I read a chapter in my new Book of noledg and I saw a story about this. So I read it. (in the Book) are you green? look arownd you are thay green tow?


don’t wery it’s

November 1, 1988

Dear Journal

yesterday was halloween

I have forgoten what I did on October 31.

November 7, 1988

Dear Journal,

yesterday I went to cherch and played with my freinds. and that’s reily all I did on Sunday.

My Mud Mind

one day ^ [above: “when I was in 1st grade”] I came home from school I had a idea but it just wuldent come out it lasted for a week or two. one thing is for sher – I sher hate having my mud mind. [Sad drawing of two “mud mind” faces, one with frowning, squinting eyes and tongue sticking out, the other with brown mud for hair and one tear beneath each eye.]

My Mud Mind

December 12, 1988

Dear Journal

I would trust my parint’s, a police man, and my friends parint’s. and any teacher. and my principal

November 14, 1988

on my week-end I did a lot of things. on friday I went to grandma and Grandpa’s house. then on Satrday we played a lot. then on Sunday we went to church and then we played and played and played and played and played and played. as you can see I had a very bisy weekend

your friend

Name __Brian__

December 19, 1988

Dear Journal

On Saturday

Wed. November 16 [in his mother’s handwriting:]

Dear Brian,

I sure was happy to get such a good report about you from Ms. Kersten tonight! You’ll see that on the report card I bring home.

She said the main thing you have to work on is getting your work done a little quicker so you don’t have to hurry at the end so much.  You must take after Daddy & I.  You can help (or remind) us to work on that on our jobs too.

I am very proud of you Bri.  I love you so much & I’m very happy that you are in our family!

Please remember to have a “Brazel-dazel” Day today!

Love, Mom

PS. I enjoyed reading your journel!


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