Flannery Correspondence

September 13, 2010

Brian Flannery, age 8, writer, part 4

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November 2, 1988

Dear Journal this is a story about my family

My family

I have five people in my family. mom is the oldest in the family. dad is second oldest. then me. the my brothe Scott and then thers Sean. [Margin note: “Sean is prenownsted Shon only it in Iresh”.]

I would like to be 18 some times. because I could be learning to drive a car. School would be out too.

(Brian cumpenys ink) (Brian corperaiten)

Continude -> Look on back

[On the back:]


My room is a nice but mesy. I have bunck beds. me and my brother have secerit grawrse [arrow pointing to a drawing of a drawer (as in “dresser drawer”)].  I do Share rooms. I like my relitives is that ther nice, ther in my family and they beleve in god.

My Family

November 28, 1988

Dear Journal

I am unique becaus I’m a expert on music. I’m taking guitar lesons. I’m wundering about taking harmonica lessons. I’m gona have a band when I grow up. music is my favrit thing

November 28, 1988

the long story

Dear Journal

I have a long story for you and here it is.

once in the little town of hampeltin there is a boy named Joe. Joe liked to read long storys. one day on his birthday his grand pa gave him a big long fat book. it was about the STARS. goody!!! shouted Joe. I always wanted some thing about Science he read it throw school. and read it and read it. finely after 3 years he fineshed it.  The

Dec 16, 1988, age 8, grade 2, Name Brian

Dear Journal

on saturday I [begin cursive script] will go to my getar lesone. and work on Jingle bells [end cursive] (on Saturday I will go to my getar lesone. And work on Jingle Bells) and silentnight. And on Sunday I will go to church, and go home. and maby rap some presint’s. And then go to evning servis at church.

(more for saturday) allso on Saturday we’ll get are Christ mas tree. And maby rap a fuwe presents.

Brian, Season Winter, -> (christmas), Dec. 23, 1988

Dear Journal

tomaroe is christmas eve. On christmas eve im eXited to maroe we decorate the tree.

what happend on christmas





Dear Journal

Saturday I went to mie guitar leson then I played nintendo with my friends then he got to eat with us. Sunday I went to church then came back and did some stof with baseball cards then ate lunch then played nintendo then ate dinner then went to bed. monday played nintendo all day.


Dear Journal

On 1/21/89 I went to my gutar leson and got a very very very very very fun leson. I’m gona like prackticinge it.

On 1/22/89 before we went to church my mom fond out my youngest brother got a relaps of the chicen pocks. then at PM 3:30 my friend came over and we played nintendo.

January 22, 1989 [teacher’s writing:]

Dear Brian,

I like your drawings. You are very good.  You are also good at creative writing. I enjoy reading your stories. It is nice having you in class.

Your teacher,

Ms. Kersten


Dear Journal

On 1/28/89/ I will get up and practice a little on my guitar. Then I’ll watch a cupl of cartoons. Then eat breackfast. and go to my gutar lesion. Come back play nintendo eat lunch tacke a nap get up play more nintendo eat dinner then go to bed. On 1/29/89 I’ll get up erly, get drest fast. Then eat my breackfast fast. go to church for two hours. come back eat lunch take a nap. eat dinner go to church come back and to TO bed: ZZzzzzz


Dear Journal

on 1/28/89/ I got up got drested watched T.V. Ate breakfast. went to my gutar leson. Came back played nintendo!, Ate lunch took [in faint letters 1/4 the height of the word “took” it says, “I do this a lot”, perhaps noting the abrupt, mid-sentence halt]


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