Flannery Correspondence

September 14, 2010

Brian Flannery, age 8, writer, part 5

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Dear Journal

To night my cousins are coming. They wher gonna come tueday or monday but the plane had a cansile like becaus they wanted more money. I wish I could see them to night but ther soposed to come at 12:00 PM so thats gonna be hard to stay up that long


Dear Journal

You know my last note to you well they came at 2:?? and gues what I stayed up that late. Well on saturday I had tones of fun at the pinewood dirbee on the first rase I won first on the second race I won 1st but another car lost its wheel and fell of the track so they raced again and I came in second. then I came in 2nd again and again. Then I came in 3rd then I came in 3rd then I came in 3rd again. And I was discwalified.


Dear Journal,

I had loads of fun on 3/18/89/ searched for robbers, went to my gutar lesson, went to the park look around for robbers Keri my couson saw a robber Kareing a musheen gun case. On 3/19/89 I went to church saw some robbers and found some clues and came home was shot at by my neighbor.

5/8 89

Dear Journal,

Last Wednday thrue friday [margin note: 5/3/89, 5/4/89, 5/5/89] every one in my class wher on a thing about this guy hoes name was frank b. D. [margin: wher not shure about the D.] he had agun in his pocket. and a nife in the other. He looked like this [drawing of an exciting character] his car was a white Jeep. He had a sutcase in his Jeep.

Creepy elementary school pedophile


Dear Journal

On Sunday 6/4/89/ I made it to ganon in Zelda and Whent to a lake and swam in it.

I beat Zelda

11:55:? 6/7/89/

Dear Journal

Today is a speashel day for our class 2D.  Today our eggs just hatched not all of them have hatched yet but we get to watch them hatch. five eggs have hatched so far.

But its allmost time to go to lunch but I bett when we come back will see the Sixth one hatch.

June 21, 1989 [teacher’s writing:]

Dear Brian,

You did a great job today.  It has been great having you in class.  Keep writing those mystery stories.


Ms. Kersten


Baseball cards (that my brother and me have) that are worth same dow.

[A table of Topps baseball card prices or “dow” for dough: Year, card no., dow.  Top price: $1.10 (and rising) for 1989 card number 383.  Unless the $1 is just the dollar sign with a misplaced vertical bar.  Then the top price is $0.40 for card number 528.  Other high cards: 600, 573, 233, 764, 320 (maybe 1987).]


boom boom!

OH stupied posions blast! said peter

Peter remember today you where going to come over said Egon

Gee I’m busy on something said Peter.

Ding Ding Ding OH guys somethings wrong on _____ said Giniene

Lets go said Peter

It’s a class four said Egon.

then they go down to _____ and see a scregoon and chased it down to _____. then they got it in the trap they unloded it.

Then Peter went ghost hunting on eto3 and got mad because it was out of gas.

Then Peter went slimer busting. and then sudenly a class 4 came in and was chased out of the fire house.

then Peter invited a girl he hated over for a little target practes. He shot at her but she doged and they hired her for there secratary.

then they shoved her around. then we went back and had a fight.


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