Flannery Correspondence

September 15, 2010

Brian Flannery, age 8, writer, part 6

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A year ago I went to a dinner at a disowend Vance family and I desided to explore. So I went upstairs and saw a kid my age. Then I saw he was working on a computer with this weerd pattern program. Suddenly the door bell rang and we heard “GIVE ME THE DISK!” Just then I jumped down the stairs mom said “what does he meen I said “he meens get the heck out of hear” wile I was trying to brake a screen and get and saying comeon.

Then I got out (fell out) and then the kid my age fell on his bike and I jumped on mine and said watch it. [begin cursive script] he said don’t worry I have every thing under control and we rode off. on the sidewalk to the cage or gym nasiom [gymnasium] when sudenly two big guys came out and throw me and the kid like me. Then they throo him and then me into the cage part of the gym masiom and left. Then I asked


my = Brians

I, me => Brian in some cases Flannery

Wile I was taking a nap I [begin cursive script] sudenly had a great idea to use instead of my dream, hear it is.

One time when [much of the next section of original blue ink is crossed out with pencil and an alternate line of thought scribbled above in pencil] I was in sixth grade You were still in your diapers a kid named I Brian went to a party and I Brian wanted to explore because he was an s.a. and was in the exploring mood.

So I Brian went up stairs. because the down stairs was all one room so the of course must of had lots of partys and you could see the room huge room in one glanse.

Wile I Brian was looking around for something interesting I Brian saw a kid plaing on a nintendo, when sudenly I Brian heard a nock on the door. mr. Tomsom said who’s there.

It said n.e.s game pirats, Now open up.

Then [lowercase name proofread with three lines to uppercase:] Patsy Flannery said who, what does he mean.

[The proofreading and pencil revisions continue.  Only the revisions are shown from here.] 12-13-89 cont’d

It means get the heck out Brian said puting on his power glove that he had made some mecular [nuclear or molecular?] adjustminsts too. Brian youll hear too would lets yet

When Brian and Na had got out with ther power gloves Brian and Na heard a scream from mrs. Joordon.

Then Scott Abegg jumped down on his sonic 6 and Brian and Na jumped on ther dirt bikes and Brian said long time no see and Ineruduced him to Na and left.

Wile on a strate road from the house Na, Brian & Scott were knoked out.

When Brian came to Scott was up an anom & Na was sitting and looking around so they were all trying to get out of the cage they were in.

Na said after we had found a way out I’ll go out and see if it’s clear.

So Na went out and went farther One lead guy came behind him and Na ran away & came to the park. Another bad guy caught him and took him back. Then Brian, Scott & Na put our power glove and were out and in the cage was of course Caspian and Rilian.

Then jumped on our bikes. Scott on his very fast sonic six zoomed ahead.  Hey wait me and Brian can’t keep up.  Na yelled. to Scott

Well put it in six speed said Scott

Hey what will happen to the others said Brian

They might dye if we get away said Scott

Where are we going Brian said.

Narnia ever heard of it said Scott

Why of corse I’m a fan of narnia by! Brian said grabing Na and at the same time pushing reverse on his power glove speeding back leaving Scottt wondering what he was doing.

Oh no! there rite behind me! said Brian turning to the sight sight of the house being zooming tward the corner suddenly two guys jumped out.

Aaak!! I hope this works. Brian said wile tiping in hoover on his power glove. Then suddenly his wheels turned sideways and hoover over ther heads. (circled the house, flew in the door and jumped of his bike.

Every body in the corner now. said Brian

Everyone jumped into the corner.

Keri stay and watch out for the grownups exepet for dad Paul and the children you’l find out why in a minute and he went up stairs and maid a car and came back All the kids are going to narnia. said Brian.

But my dream is to go to narnia said Keri

Well than every one will go, Kids in front and dads, moms, grandmas + grandpas in back said Brian

Then Brian jumped onto his bike and Paul follow me and (of course) drive.

Then Brian hooverd over trees and he drove right throw them until we came to a Huge Door.

CHAPTER 2 ThE Door Into Narnia

The Door


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