Flannery Correspondence

September 16, 2010

Brian Flannery, age 8, writer, part 7

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dads Sermans

“God’s Mesenger Service. Misterious Mesenger Of Joy.” (warwik 12-18-88 Denver 12-18-89)

Ms. I’m not al fallen one either! Give me a moment to catch my breath you see I’m one of the master’s fastest angle.

When I brought God’s mesage to Daniel your written ersions says this “I came flying swiftly”.

That’s my specialty – ok not my speed- but my work as the master’s mesenger.  I am God’s expres courier service all of us angels have diffrent specialties – some are angels of judgment other’s are soldiers to do battle – like michael arch for er boy is he strong – you should see his arms on him. One time I had an urgent message for Dan. But ran into trouble (big Demon of Persia) Even w/ my great spead – couldn’t beak his bold so called in for reinforcments + master so wise pent the strongest – my tag team partner – michel + I was able to race w/ message for them.

Oh there are some angels make other deliveries + carry same messages – but I always carry top information – about the coming of the messiah – savior.

Oops! botter watch that pride stuff – had a friend once got into terible trouble over that – Perry ford.

Anyway – I was stationed at my post right near the (Have to wear sunglases – Heisa holy) when master said “Gabe – I’ve got a job for you to do I just love pleasing my master – so zip – here I am Lord – He said some of my children in worwick discouraged – Enemy has many forces at work in that area – they have my word to reflect on – espesialy concerning the x-mas events – but old hat to them –

I want you to go + give 1st hand report of your involvment on that 1st X-mas to encourage them on in the fight of faith.

So snap! put my wings to high gear + hear I am.

Now my first apearance auround X-mas events was sure to be a tough one – Θ was disaplining his children and for 40 0yrs. had not made contact w/ them. Oh they had continued on w/ worship + ritual + some still believed – but two many – the religion had become merely a tradition pased down fr. forefathers.

Now I know of problem never affects you folks – as I’ll go on.

I arived on the scene in Jerusalem I notested the crowd of people caring out their ritual at the temple.

It was time of day for the preist to enter into the holy place + offer incense up to Θ as a symble of their prayers rising up to Him. Specifically – they were praying for the Messiah to come, but had to wait for the right moment to apear.

That godly old priest – Zech. – was my target contact. Finally the incense + prayed for the nation.

The poor old guy still didn’t have any childrenso he snuck in that personal request – even though he didn’t fully bel. The Master would answer it.

As soon as he finished praying I tapped him on the shoulder + he about jumped throw the roof ..*

I scared the daylights out of him. Did you ever go into a room – someone fussy didn’t notice you come in + unintentionally scare them to death. How do you think I feel every time I apear I sare folks – It’s emerasing!

So after I pulled him down from the ceiling + gave him my mesage -> Even though he + Ely past child bearing age -> I told him that Θ has decided now to answer prayer a child – a son.

Now I would of expected him to dance a jig like freshmen in midst – but no!

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Sermons, Oraination, Ordination, chewing your cud

Charge to Paul and Patsy. Charge to congegation. Prayer and the laying of hands. Fairwel to Installation. Parting Hym.

not yet

paster paul and patsy and ___


[A drawing off to the right side of kings at a round table: “Narnia Rulers: Digry, Polly, Lucy, Edmnd, street sweep?, Peter, Caspian, Rilian”]

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alcoholism is, freezeng your brain. afyb Yor Answer

heres a se




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