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May 9, 2011


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Color’s an important aspect of design.  It can subtly make or break the feel of a good visual design.

Last year the xkcd genius, Randall Munroe, asked everyone to weigh in on what colors were what:  http://blog.xkcd.com/2010/05/03/color-survey-results/

He even addressed the way men and women care about colors differently. A popular joke[1][2][3] is how men know the basic six ROYGBV colors but have no idea what mauve or taupe are.  xkcd mentions one comic that inspired him to research this aspect of gender-distinguished color sensitivity: http://www.thedoghousediaries.com/?p=1406

Despite studies indicating a physiological difference in how many colors each gender perceives (and how much distinction between them)[4], the xkcd study found them to be more comparable than the usual gag allows.  Feels good to know there’s hope for design-dumb color-bland males like me.

(xkcd is a comic strip.  The color study was featured on the weblog related to the comic strip and indicates more seriousness than the comic strip itself.  Still, consider the study with healthy, scientific critical thinking.)


[1] http://maddisonhamil.blogspot.com/2011/04/looky-here-color-spectrum.html

[2] http://unreasonableorder.tumblr.com/post/4694712872/studies-of-color-perception-suggest-that-women-are

[3] http://www.healthytimesblog.com/2011/04/facts-about-color-blindness/

[4] http://www.ijpp.com/vol54_4/366-370.pdf



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