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July 4, 2011

How Terminator 2 Taught Me How to Live

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Chin-ups on an upturned hospital bed.  Desert cache of weapons.  Artificial intelligence and advanced computer chip technology.  Minimizing civilian casualties.  Bilingualism and friends who will help you when you’re on the run.  Tough women who approach motherhood with the same tactics they use to avert nuclear apocalypse.  How to treat unstoppable opponents.  What to do when a sniper opens fire on your family home.  How to prove you’re from the future.  How well a shotgun fits in a box of long-stem roses.  How to outrun a semi-trailer.  How to run backwards in bare feet on a smooth floor.  How to save time by checking for injuries while hugging.  How to spend your last breaths saving lives while controlling the explosive demolition of a corporate headquarters.  How to pump a shotgun with one hand.  How to love a machine enough to kill it slowly.

No fate but what we make.



I was already a paranoid kid.

I had cousins with infinite imagination.  They would invent amazing stories about an ongoing struggle against a group of ever-present robbers.  The vivid and violent dreams began around that time.  I guess the soil was ripe where the Terminator seed was planted.

My brothers, cousins, friends and I would train for war.  We assembled “go bags” with a minimal set of essential survival gear — like an overnight bag for World War III.  Eventually some of us settled down but I never lost that urgency.  Be ready.  Today is a good day to die.

A personal challenge:  Do you know where your primary and secondary exits are at all times?  Do you have any weapons hidden in the places you frequent (bedroom, living room, automobile, office, library, public park)?  Are you constantly scanning your surroundings, Bourne-like, for potential improvised weapons?  Do you train your children to feel fear, absorb pain but perform anyway?  Do you expect your spouse to be ready to take the driver’s wheel in transit, possibly even taking over the foot pedals in case you have to read a map, reload a magazine or climb out the window, guns blazing?

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