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March 20, 2013

Hunger Empathy

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(Regarding the charity 25 in Change [1] [2]ūüôā

One of the interesting things about this charity is that they are cultivating empathy.¬† For example, children around the world will be eating meals of rice and beans thanks to this charity — so the advocates are eating nothing but rice and beans.¬† The children would otherwise go hungry more often than not — so the advocates are eating a limited portion and coping with hunger — and skipping meals if they cannot procure sponsors.

More subtle:¬† Advocates are not allowed to receive sponsorship until two days before the event begins.¬† 25 days eating meals only when those meals are sponsored — and sponsors have no more than two days warning.¬† The empathy element in this comes from the “food insecurity” of not knowing when and if the next meal is coming.¬† Many people live with that insecurity as an ongoing reality; I guess we can deal with it for 25 days.


[1]  http://25inchange.org
[2]  https://flannco.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/decision-charity-participant/

March 18, 2013

Decision: Charity Participant

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We decided that Brian should try advocating the charity our friends discovered [1] [2].¬† He wants to support our friends and the cause.¬† Christa will not advocate it because she needs all the fuel she can get.¬† Having her live on a limited portion of rice and beans would not make anybody happy.¬† We don’t know if many other people from our nearby church will join us.¬† If we cannot muster 25 people, we may be able to join in with one of the two other participating churches (Denver Community Church or Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, likely the latter).

We signed Brian up:


(Help him brainstorm his short biography for the website:)

I have six children (only) and a beautiful wife whose steady blood sugar is the only thing keeping those kids alive. ¬†That’s why she’s not joining me in the rice and beans game. ¬†We are big fans of foster care and adoption, and otherwise acquiring children by alternate means. ¬†Three of our children are adopted through foster care. ¬†Sometimes a child will grumble and complain about how they don’t like dinner. ¬†We don’t force-feed in our family: ¬†If you don’t like it, the next meal is your next meal. ¬†It’s fascinating to think about my children voluntarily skipping meals because they’re feeling bratty, considering how many people in the world would love to eat the crumbs from our floor.
I’m tall and skinny and always felt awkward about that. ¬†People always talk about how concerned they are about their weight, how they need to watch calories, exercise more, then they turn to me with disdain and say, “Not everyone can be a skinny puke like you.” ¬†Can’t help it. ¬†I’ve got a fire inside and no number of calories ever sticks to my bones. ¬†I keep all my fat in a dense ball surrounding my heart.
I live in Aurora, near Tower and Hampden. ¬†I go to New Life Community Church and I am grateful to Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church for letting us aboard. ¬†When my friends, the Barkers, told me about this, I was interested in the idea but inspired by their excitement about it. ¬†I couldn’t see any reason not to temporarily sacrifice the luxury of eating-my-fill in order to raise money and fill some empty tummies around the world.
[1]  http://25inchange.org
[2]  https://flannco.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/oh-great-another-mlm/

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