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April 5, 2013

Quick! Sponsor me before I wither away.

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Starting April 7th, Brian will eat only small meals of rice and beans — and only when a meal is sponsored.  He is an advocate with 25 in Change.  You may sponsor one of his meals for $25 if you promise to avoid “fast food” for 25 days.  Think you can do it?  I’d like to see you try:


Click the orange “Sponsor” button and partner with us!

We want word to spread and we want the habit of avoiding “fast food” spread.  Each sponsor may only sponsor one meal, no more.  Each sponsor may only sponsor one advocate, no more.  So tell everyone!

For more information, see some of my recent posts:

And read 25 in Change’s FAQ:

His final bio, in case it renders poorly on http://25inchange.org/advocate/brian-flannery/:

I have children; I love them and want them to grow up grateful and generous. When we find ourselves prosperous and well fed, I want to avoid the ambivalence and entitlement that can sneak up on you. I want to endow my family with awareness of a world full of opportunities to love people in sincere, tangible, and fundamental ways… plus the opportunity to trade an unexamined life for one of humility, sacrifice, and deeper joy. Eating nothing but a small amount of rice and beans for a few days seems like a small and temporary inconvenience — a worthwhile exchange in order to raise funds to fight starvation and make these statements:

“Here’s some food.”
“Here’s some of my precious time.”
“Here’s a Savior who wants you alive and healthy: body, soul, and spirit.”


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  1. […] and the day before I kept expecting my wife to do a big rice and beans cook-a-thon.  It never happened.  We had a cup or two of rice left over in the fridge.  No […]

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