Flannery Correspondence

April 7, 2013

25inChange: First Day

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Yesterday and the day before I kept expecting my wife to do a big rice and beans cook-a-thon.  It never happened.  We had a cup or two of rice left over in the fridge.  No beans, though, except the worst kind: butter beans.  I hate butter beans.

Sundays are crazy for us.  Eating breakfast is rare for Sundays.  Maybe coffee.  Maybe a cold bowl of cereal.  Today, nothing.  Get the kids up, fed, in the car, to church less than 25 minutes late, throw the kids into their childcare or Sunday school rooms, attend a worship service or a class, smile, chat, greet, hobnob in hallways, attend second service/class/childcare rotation, collect everyone again, back home!

I finally got around to eating at 11:45 AM by skipping second service.  I have never enjoyed a bowl of rice and beans like I did this morning.  Every kernel was amazing; every bean sumptuous (butter beans!).  I kept asking Christa to confirm how much salt and oil I was allowed to use:  It seemed like so much!  I was wallowing in flavor-country.

My youngest child toddled over to me, miming with his hands that he wanted some.  Some food.  Some of my food.  No way, dude.  Perhaps, in an actual starvation situation, I would consider sharing some of my portion with my offspring.  Not now.  You can eat an unlimited amount of any other food in this house.  Go forage in the back yard for all I care.

We raced off to a quick small group prayer meeting on the church playground.  I still had my bowl in my hand:  Eating it slowly, savoring it.  While mobilizing kids to the playground, the stroller struck uneven pavement and sent my toddler falling forwards, unharmed but angry and soon crying.  I dropped everything, snacks, bottles, diaper bags, jackets — everything except my bowl of rice and beans.  I picked him up and comforted him. He put his foot in my bowl of rice and beans.

That was a decision point for me:  Put down the crying baby or the bowl of food?  I put the child down.  At this point I was willing to scour the ground to make sure I hadn’t dropped a single grain or bean.  Nothing lost. No calorie missed.  And besides, kids are robust, right?

My smiling toddler

He’ll be fine


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