Flannery Correspondence

April 14, 2013

Matching Donations

Brian had this to say today:

I am committed to 25 in Change.  In fact, I’m going hungry for them.  (Today we ran out of sponsorships so we’re skipping dinner.  If we don’t pump up the partnerships/sponsorships we’ll skip breakfast tomorrow and so on.)

Having skin in the game is important.  I’m sacrificing my comfort and habitual fullness.  But it’s no big a deal.

For some reason, it doesn’t feel like a big deal unless I’m giving up something that deeply, deeply matters to me.  Like money.  I’m not in love with money — but I like having my family in a warm house.  I like providing food for my children, even if I’m starving myself for a cause.  I work long stressful ours to scratch out a dollar or two to take home for the sake of my family.  Money matters to me.

So Christa and I agreed we will match any donations I receive [1] during these 25 days of rice and beans.  But it’s hard to match donations to an organization that limits donations to $25 per person.  (That’s right.  You can only sponsor one advocate like me and only one time.  If you want to do more, spread the word:  When someone asks you why you’re not eating fast food, tell them.)

We want to keep the spirit and focus of 25 in Change:  School meals to hungry children around the world.  We decided to match all donations to another charity:  Pastor Andrew Kizito is taking a small group from our local church in Aurora to a small village in Uganda in June.  His ministry, Kuza Africa, has a school that feeds and teaches children.  They are currently fundraising for a water project to provide a long-term supply of clean drinking water.  (What’s worse than hunger?  Thirst.  Imagine being thirsty with no way to get safe or clean or even drinkable water.)

If I can successfully acquire 75 partners (goal: 3 meals per day for 25 days), that means that together Christa and I and all my advocates raised $1875 each for two charities.  That’s not bad.


[1]  http://25inchange.org/advocate/brian-flannery/


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