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November 20, 2011

It’s a Boy!

Nehemiah Baux Flannery was born at 9:50pm on 11-1-11. He weighed 6lb 5oz and was 19 in long. We are all doing well, so happy to have this little man in our arms.


September 27, 2010

Scanned pages from a writing journal

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Some of my friends doubted my earlier posts from my writing journal circa 1988.  To prove I’m not bluffing, I submit the following collection of scans.  Only the important parts:

The original posts have been updated:

September 16, 2010

Brian Flannery, age 8, writer, part 7

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dads Sermans

“God’s Mesenger Service. Misterious Mesenger Of Joy.” (warwik 12-18-88 Denver 12-18-89)

Ms. I’m not al fallen one either! Give me a moment to catch my breath you see I’m one of the master’s fastest angle.

When I brought God’s mesage to Daniel your written ersions says this “I came flying swiftly”.

That’s my specialty – ok not my speed- but my work as the master’s mesenger.  I am God’s expres courier service all of us angels have diffrent specialties – some are angels of judgment other’s are soldiers to do battle – like michael arch for er boy is he strong – you should see his arms on him. One time I had an urgent message for Dan. But ran into trouble (big Demon of Persia) Even w/ my great spead – couldn’t beak his bold so called in for reinforcments + master so wise pent the strongest – my tag team partner – michel + I was able to race w/ message for them.

Oh there are some angels make other deliveries + carry same messages – but I always carry top information – about the coming of the messiah – savior.

Oops! botter watch that pride stuff – had a friend once got into terible trouble over that – Perry ford.

Anyway – I was stationed at my post right near the (Have to wear sunglases – Heisa holy) when master said “Gabe – I’ve got a job for you to do I just love pleasing my master – so zip – here I am Lord – He said some of my children in worwick discouraged – Enemy has many forces at work in that area – they have my word to reflect on – espesialy concerning the x-mas events – but old hat to them –

I want you to go + give 1st hand report of your involvment on that 1st X-mas to encourage them on in the fight of faith.

So snap! put my wings to high gear + hear I am.

Now my first apearance auround X-mas events was sure to be a tough one – Θ was disaplining his children and for 40 0yrs. had not made contact w/ them. Oh they had continued on w/ worship + ritual + some still believed – but two many – the religion had become merely a tradition pased down fr. forefathers.

Now I know of problem never affects you folks – as I’ll go on.

I arived on the scene in Jerusalem I notested the crowd of people caring out their ritual at the temple.

It was time of day for the preist to enter into the holy place + offer incense up to Θ as a symble of their prayers rising up to Him. Specifically – they were praying for the Messiah to come, but had to wait for the right moment to apear.

That godly old priest – Zech. – was my target contact. Finally the incense + prayed for the nation.

The poor old guy still didn’t have any childrenso he snuck in that personal request – even though he didn’t fully bel. The Master would answer it.

As soon as he finished praying I tapped him on the shoulder + he about jumped throw the roof ..*

I scared the daylights out of him. Did you ever go into a room – someone fussy didn’t notice you come in + unintentionally scare them to death. How do you think I feel every time I apear I sare folks – It’s emerasing!

So after I pulled him down from the ceiling + gave him my mesage -> Even though he + Ely past child bearing age -> I told him that Θ has decided now to answer prayer a child – a son.

Now I would of expected him to dance a jig like freshmen in midst – but no!

[Another page:]

Sermons, Oraination, Ordination, chewing your cud

Charge to Paul and Patsy. Charge to congegation. Prayer and the laying of hands. Fairwel to Installation. Parting Hym.

not yet

paster paul and patsy and ___


[A drawing off to the right side of kings at a round table: “Narnia Rulers: Digry, Polly, Lucy, Edmnd, street sweep?, Peter, Caspian, Rilian”]

[Another page:]

alcoholism is, freezeng your brain. afyb Yor Answer

heres a se



Summer of Love

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Saturday, August 21st, held the fourth and final wedding for our big family.  This summer we had two brothers, one cousin and one uncle get married.  We attended three of the four weddings, one in Las Vegas and one in Concordia, Kansas.

This Saturday’s wedding was in Denver.  That’s good because we were hardly recovered from the road trip to Kansas the week before.  (For a good time, try five kids, two adults and one minivan between Denver and north-central Kansas.)  This wedding involved us more than any yet:  Christa as photographer and Brian as groomsman.

We had a great time with memorable but recoverable glitches like a rush delivery of groomsman shoes getting pulled over for a speeding ticket, a groomsman showing up 15 minutes after the ceremony was supposed to start and having to add groomsmen photographs into the narrow slot between ceremony and reception instead of before the ceremony.  Basically, the groomsmen knew how to keep everyone on their toes.  Also, there was a gorilla!  (My girls freak out when they see gorillas.  So does security.)

One unexpected highlight of the event was my sobriety as well as my toast (that convinced everyone I was drunk).  The speech itself does a good job of shocking the truth into the audience but it was delivered in a thick Russian accent for no explainable reason.  I simply couldn’t spit it out in any other voice:

Scott and Niccole, I am so happy for you.  I speak for both Christa and I when I say our hearts leap like gazelle to see you together at last.  We have been married for five years now with no regrets… but I’d hate to sugar-coat it:  Marriage is hard, very hard, but important and most people do it badly.  So when the novelty wears off, remember not to be too proud or embarrassed to ask for help and advice from friends and family.  That’s what we’re here for.  Here’s to your long and fruitful marriage.  That’s what you’re here for … until one of you dies.

September 15, 2010

Brian Flannery, age 8, writer, part 6

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A year ago I went to a dinner at a disowend Vance family and I desided to explore. So I went upstairs and saw a kid my age. Then I saw he was working on a computer with this weerd pattern program. Suddenly the door bell rang and we heard “GIVE ME THE DISK!” Just then I jumped down the stairs mom said “what does he meen I said “he meens get the heck out of hear” wile I was trying to brake a screen and get and saying comeon.

Then I got out (fell out) and then the kid my age fell on his bike and I jumped on mine and said watch it. [begin cursive script] he said don’t worry I have every thing under control and we rode off. on the sidewalk to the cage or gym nasiom [gymnasium] when sudenly two big guys came out and throw me and the kid like me. Then they throo him and then me into the cage part of the gym masiom and left. Then I asked


my = Brians

I, me => Brian in some cases Flannery

Wile I was taking a nap I [begin cursive script] sudenly had a great idea to use instead of my dream, hear it is.

One time when [much of the next section of original blue ink is crossed out with pencil and an alternate line of thought scribbled above in pencil] I was in sixth grade You were still in your diapers a kid named I Brian went to a party and I Brian wanted to explore because he was an s.a. and was in the exploring mood.

So I Brian went up stairs. because the down stairs was all one room so the of course must of had lots of partys and you could see the room huge room in one glanse.

Wile I Brian was looking around for something interesting I Brian saw a kid plaing on a nintendo, when sudenly I Brian heard a nock on the door. mr. Tomsom said who’s there.

It said n.e.s game pirats, Now open up.

Then [lowercase name proofread with three lines to uppercase:] Patsy Flannery said who, what does he mean.

[The proofreading and pencil revisions continue.  Only the revisions are shown from here.] 12-13-89 cont’d

It means get the heck out Brian said puting on his power glove that he had made some mecular [nuclear or molecular?] adjustminsts too. Brian youll hear too would lets yet

When Brian and Na had got out with ther power gloves Brian and Na heard a scream from mrs. Joordon.

Then Scott Abegg jumped down on his sonic 6 and Brian and Na jumped on ther dirt bikes and Brian said long time no see and Ineruduced him to Na and left.

Wile on a strate road from the house Na, Brian & Scott were knoked out.

When Brian came to Scott was up an anom & Na was sitting and looking around so they were all trying to get out of the cage they were in.

Na said after we had found a way out I’ll go out and see if it’s clear.

So Na went out and went farther One lead guy came behind him and Na ran away & came to the park. Another bad guy caught him and took him back. Then Brian, Scott & Na put our power glove and were out and in the cage was of course Caspian and Rilian.

Then jumped on our bikes. Scott on his very fast sonic six zoomed ahead.  Hey wait me and Brian can’t keep up.  Na yelled. to Scott

Well put it in six speed said Scott

Hey what will happen to the others said Brian

They might dye if we get away said Scott

Where are we going Brian said.

Narnia ever heard of it said Scott

Why of corse I’m a fan of narnia by! Brian said grabing Na and at the same time pushing reverse on his power glove speeding back leaving Scottt wondering what he was doing.

Oh no! there rite behind me! said Brian turning to the sight sight of the house being zooming tward the corner suddenly two guys jumped out.

Aaak!! I hope this works. Brian said wile tiping in hoover on his power glove. Then suddenly his wheels turned sideways and hoover over ther heads. (circled the house, flew in the door and jumped of his bike.

Every body in the corner now. said Brian

Everyone jumped into the corner.

Keri stay and watch out for the grownups exepet for dad Paul and the children you’l find out why in a minute and he went up stairs and maid a car and came back All the kids are going to narnia. said Brian.

But my dream is to go to narnia said Keri

Well than every one will go, Kids in front and dads, moms, grandmas + grandpas in back said Brian

Then Brian jumped onto his bike and Paul follow me and (of course) drive.

Then Brian hooverd over trees and he drove right throw them until we came to a Huge Door.

CHAPTER 2 ThE Door Into Narnia

The Door

September 14, 2010

Brian Flannery, age 8, writer, part 5

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Dear Journal

To night my cousins are coming. They wher gonna come tueday or monday but the plane had a cansile like becaus they wanted more money. I wish I could see them to night but ther soposed to come at 12:00 PM so thats gonna be hard to stay up that long


Dear Journal

You know my last note to you well they came at 2:?? and gues what I stayed up that late. Well on saturday I had tones of fun at the pinewood dirbee on the first rase I won first on the second race I won 1st but another car lost its wheel and fell of the track so they raced again and I came in second. then I came in 2nd again and again. Then I came in 3rd then I came in 3rd then I came in 3rd again. And I was discwalified.


Dear Journal,

I had loads of fun on 3/18/89/ searched for robbers, went to my gutar lesson, went to the park look around for robbers Keri my couson saw a robber Kareing a musheen gun case. On 3/19/89 I went to church saw some robbers and found some clues and came home was shot at by my neighbor.

5/8 89

Dear Journal,

Last Wednday thrue friday [margin note: 5/3/89, 5/4/89, 5/5/89] every one in my class wher on a thing about this guy hoes name was frank b. D. [margin: wher not shure about the D.] he had agun in his pocket. and a nife in the other. He looked like this [drawing of an exciting character] his car was a white Jeep. He had a sutcase in his Jeep.

Creepy elementary school pedophile


Dear Journal

On Sunday 6/4/89/ I made it to ganon in Zelda and Whent to a lake and swam in it.

I beat Zelda

11:55:? 6/7/89/

Dear Journal

Today is a speashel day for our class 2D.  Today our eggs just hatched not all of them have hatched yet but we get to watch them hatch. five eggs have hatched so far.

But its allmost time to go to lunch but I bett when we come back will see the Sixth one hatch.

June 21, 1989 [teacher’s writing:]

Dear Brian,

You did a great job today.  It has been great having you in class.  Keep writing those mystery stories.


Ms. Kersten


Baseball cards (that my brother and me have) that are worth same dow.

[A table of Topps baseball card prices or “dow” for dough: Year, card no., dow.  Top price: $1.10 (and rising) for 1989 card number 383.  Unless the $1 is just the dollar sign with a misplaced vertical bar.  Then the top price is $0.40 for card number 528.  Other high cards: 600, 573, 233, 764, 320 (maybe 1987).]


boom boom!

OH stupied posions blast! said peter

Peter remember today you where going to come over said Egon

Gee I’m busy on something said Peter.

Ding Ding Ding OH guys somethings wrong on _____ said Giniene

Lets go said Peter

It’s a class four said Egon.

then they go down to _____ and see a scregoon and chased it down to _____. then they got it in the trap they unloded it.

Then Peter went ghost hunting on eto3 and got mad because it was out of gas.

Then Peter went slimer busting. and then sudenly a class 4 came in and was chased out of the fire house.

then Peter invited a girl he hated over for a little target practes. He shot at her but she doged and they hired her for there secratary.

then they shoved her around. then we went back and had a fight.

September 13, 2010

Brian Flannery, age 8, writer, part 4

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November 2, 1988

Dear Journal this is a story about my family

My family

I have five people in my family. mom is the oldest in the family. dad is second oldest. then me. the my brothe Scott and then thers Sean. [Margin note: “Sean is prenownsted Shon only it in Iresh”.]

I would like to be 18 some times. because I could be learning to drive a car. School would be out too.

(Brian cumpenys ink) (Brian corperaiten)

Continude -> Look on back

[On the back:]


My room is a nice but mesy. I have bunck beds. me and my brother have secerit grawrse [arrow pointing to a drawing of a drawer (as in “dresser drawer”)].  I do Share rooms. I like my relitives is that ther nice, ther in my family and they beleve in god.

My Family

November 28, 1988

Dear Journal

I am unique becaus I’m a expert on music. I’m taking guitar lesons. I’m wundering about taking harmonica lessons. I’m gona have a band when I grow up. music is my favrit thing

November 28, 1988

the long story

Dear Journal

I have a long story for you and here it is.

once in the little town of hampeltin there is a boy named Joe. Joe liked to read long storys. one day on his birthday his grand pa gave him a big long fat book. it was about the STARS. goody!!! shouted Joe. I always wanted some thing about Science he read it throw school. and read it and read it. finely after 3 years he fineshed it.  The

Dec 16, 1988, age 8, grade 2, Name Brian

Dear Journal

on saturday I [begin cursive script] will go to my getar lesone. and work on Jingle bells [end cursive] (on Saturday I will go to my getar lesone. And work on Jingle Bells) and silentnight. And on Sunday I will go to church, and go home. and maby rap some presint’s. And then go to evning servis at church.

(more for saturday) allso on Saturday we’ll get are Christ mas tree. And maby rap a fuwe presents.

Brian, Season Winter, -> (christmas), Dec. 23, 1988

Dear Journal

tomaroe is christmas eve. On christmas eve im eXited to maroe we decorate the tree.

what happend on christmas





Dear Journal

Saturday I went to mie guitar leson then I played nintendo with my friends then he got to eat with us. Sunday I went to church then came back and did some stof with baseball cards then ate lunch then played nintendo then ate dinner then went to bed. monday played nintendo all day.


Dear Journal

On 1/21/89 I went to my gutar leson and got a very very very very very fun leson. I’m gona like prackticinge it.

On 1/22/89 before we went to church my mom fond out my youngest brother got a relaps of the chicen pocks. then at PM 3:30 my friend came over and we played nintendo.

January 22, 1989 [teacher’s writing:]

Dear Brian,

I like your drawings. You are very good.  You are also good at creative writing. I enjoy reading your stories. It is nice having you in class.

Your teacher,

Ms. Kersten


Dear Journal

On 1/28/89/ I will get up and practice a little on my guitar. Then I’ll watch a cupl of cartoons. Then eat breackfast. and go to my gutar lesion. Come back play nintendo eat lunch tacke a nap get up play more nintendo eat dinner then go to bed. On 1/29/89 I’ll get up erly, get drest fast. Then eat my breackfast fast. go to church for two hours. come back eat lunch take a nap. eat dinner go to church come back and to TO bed: ZZzzzzz


Dear Journal

on 1/28/89/ I got up got drested watched T.V. Ate breakfast. went to my gutar leson. Came back played nintendo!, Ate lunch took [in faint letters 1/4 the height of the word “took” it says, “I do this a lot”, perhaps noting the abrupt, mid-sentence halt]

September 12, 2010

Brian Flannery, age 8, writer, part 3

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October 7, 1988

Dear Journal,

to marow and the day after I will Have fun partying.

Brian — prisebel [?]
Brian prisebel

October 11, 1988

Dear Journal

Saterday we whent to a army base. monday I whent to a freind’s house.
Yaaa! get realllllll!

October 17, 1988

Dear Journal,

If I had 3 wishes I’d wish for a book on making a club and a book on making codes. becas then we (the gange) will be abel to do things together. to have a band and a rock consert

[In the margin: tic-tac-toe with Elvon, both scored one win and ended in a draw]
Elvon was the first person to tell me about boobs

October 24, 1988

[On the back of the previous page, referring to this page:]

SALIDA colorado

no nin AWC 256

a story colorado ->

not licke

If I Saw Every one green I wold look for a cure. a story

[The page itself with the complete story:]

a story

one day I came home from school I took a littel nap when I woke up I sow that levery thing was green so I went to look for a antidote then I read a chapter in my new Book of noledg and I saw a story about this. So I read it. (in the Book) are you green? look arownd you are thay green tow?


don’t wery it’s

November 1, 1988

Dear Journal

yesterday was halloween

I have forgoten what I did on October 31.

November 7, 1988

Dear Journal,

yesterday I went to cherch and played with my freinds. and that’s reily all I did on Sunday.

My Mud Mind

one day ^ [above: “when I was in 1st grade”] I came home from school I had a idea but it just wuldent come out it lasted for a week or two. one thing is for sher – I sher hate having my mud mind. [Sad drawing of two “mud mind” faces, one with frowning, squinting eyes and tongue sticking out, the other with brown mud for hair and one tear beneath each eye.]

My Mud Mind

December 12, 1988

Dear Journal

I would trust my parint’s, a police man, and my friends parint’s. and any teacher. and my principal

November 14, 1988

on my week-end I did a lot of things. on friday I went to grandma and Grandpa’s house. then on Satrday we played a lot. then on Sunday we went to church and then we played and played and played and played and played and played. as you can see I had a very bisy weekend

your friend

Name __Brian__

December 19, 1988

Dear Journal

On Saturday

Wed. November 16 [in his mother’s handwriting:]

Dear Brian,

I sure was happy to get such a good report about you from Ms. Kersten tonight! You’ll see that on the report card I bring home.

She said the main thing you have to work on is getting your work done a little quicker so you don’t have to hurry at the end so much.  You must take after Daddy & I.  You can help (or remind) us to work on that on our jobs too.

I am very proud of you Bri.  I love you so much & I’m very happy that you are in our family!

Please remember to have a “Brazel-dazel” Day today!

Love, Mom

PS. I enjoyed reading your journel!

September 11, 2010

Brian Flannery, age 8, writer, part 2

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From December 5, 1988, mysteriously out of date order:

Dear Journal

On Satrday I had some fun playing with some friend’s. And going to my getar lesone. then on Sunday I had a LOT of fun it was fantastick going to my friend’s house and him coming to my house.
Secret code

September 28, 1988:

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear thank’s mom thank you and I am Sory I cold not finish my leter to you

[In his mother’s handwriting:]

Dear Brian,

What happened to the end of your letter??  I had fun seeing your room, and fun seeing your room, and your desk, and your teacher.  I liked your dinosaur too.  Please have a great day today (Thursday September 29) because you know…

I love you! and I’m thinking about you!

Love, Mom

PS. I couldn’t believe how clean your desk was!  Dad should have seen that.

October 3, 1988:

Dear Journal,

Yesterday and the day before I had a fun time.  On saterday I had a fun time tacking my getar lesens. and on sunday I had fun going to cherch. w

[Teacher’s note:  Do “Your friend, Brian”]

Sorry [in response to teacher’s note?]

[Teacher: I think it is great that you are taking guitar lessons.  You will have to play for us sometime.]

September 10, 2010

Brian Flannery, age 8

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In light of the end of the world, I thought it time to revisit what the author and businessman Brian Flannery composed in his tender developing years.

Here is an early writing journal entry from September 15, 1988, mentioning the shore (Ocean City, New Jersey) and a sea-horse.

Dear Journal,

First I went to the Shor (Ochen city new Jersy) I fawnd a sea hours.  then I went to nanas hows.  Then I went to a farm I milked acow.  Then I had a Pardy aT Granmas And Grandpas hous.

it was fun

very fun

Scan of the first page

Without thresholding

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