Flannery Correspondence

July 20, 2009

Ever get lost in the shower?

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Ever get lost in the shower?

I don’t have a very big shower but sometimes I don’t know what happens. I usually take short showers (Captain Planet told me to). It’s an established routine, you know: You’ve done it thousands of times before in about the same order.

Maybe that’s what it is: Because it’s a routine, I stop paying attention.
I’ll be in there for a while and all of a sudden I wake up as from a daze. Where am I? What am I doing? How long have I been here? I look down at my body and half is covered in soap but the other half isn’t. And the half that isn’t: I don’t know if I’ve rinsed off or if I just haven’t got around to lathering that part yet.
Then I feel my hair — it’s wet but no evidence of shampoo.

So now I’m weighing my options.
This is turning into a long shower.
But if I don’t start over, I have no guarantees that my potentially unwashed hair won’t go from wet to greasy and flat before I even get to work. (That’s happened, by the way. Everyone keeps telling me they like my new hair … cut? I tell them it’s a perm.)
I usually end up re-doing everything as quick as I can.

If I had done it that efficiently in the first place I wouldn’t be in this overly-clean mess.

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