Flannery Correspondence

May 4, 2011

Not Restful

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We were in bed by 9:30 PM. We had a big day and the kids were exhausted and snoozing by 8 PM. Another big day planned for today.

Alas, 10 hours is not enough to obtain precious rest around here. Tirza and Ada thought they would serenade us with loud conversation hours we thought they were asleep. Around 1AM, Judah screamed for an hour until he located his pacifier. We both tossed and turned until our spines were so twisted that they squeezed the craziest acid dream juice out of our brains.


That someone was chasing us as a family: Chasing quickly, almost like a zombie. We had to run across the highway and then watch as he got clobbered by a big truck.

Then I had a different dream where everyone was trying to get me but they weren’t zombies. I had to hide underground because they were trying to kill me. Then one person said he would help me. They had chased me to the woods and I had fallen into a lake where they couldn’t find me and I was just holding my breath and sinking to the bottom, intending on drowning myself because that was better than resurfacing. Suddenly that guy came swimming down to help me. He cut a hole in some wire mesh and helped me get through. Somehow that led to a school where I was safe but all the killers were waiting for me at the front door. I had to change all my clothes and hair and everything to get past them. But while I was in the school we were in a science classroom where they were making test tube babies and everyone else was comfortable with how horrifying the process was.


I was back at work with a former employer. My job was to hide a body. I got to see a lot of old friends from my first job because they came driving by in a big unmarked van while I was trying to hide the body. It was good to see Oliver, for instance, but we didn’t really have time to talk.

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